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Ware house information

Shinsuna warehouse


 Equipment outline 


2-5-20 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo

GLP Shinsuna Warehouse No. 2 Building C Section 4F



11 minutes walk from Shiomi Station

Shinkiba Station Bus (Thu 11, Nishiki 18) 3 minutes Get off at Shinsuna 1-chome 3 minutes

Toyocho Station Bus (Thu 11, Thu 11 Otsu) 7 minutes Get off at Shinsuna 1-chome 3 minutes



・ Floor area 1368 ㎡ 415.5 tsubo

・ Floor load 1.2t / ㎡

・ Effective ceiling height 4.8 m

・ Dedicated elevator

  Width 2,600mm Depth 2,900mm Height 2,800mm Loading 3,000kg

・ Air conditioning 23 degrees 2 degrees



・ Floor access  Dedicated elevator (key type operation)

4 emergency stairs, internal key type

·surveillance camera

• Utilizing the know-how of transporting ultra-heavy precision equipment
We will manage and store products safely.
• Since it is possible to control two temperature zones, normal temperature and constant temperature,
We will store it in an environment suitable for the product.
• With a 24-hour full-time management and monitoring system
  We will keep your products safe.
• To the Metropolitan Expressway Bayshore Line and the Metropolitan Expressway No. 9 Fukagawa Line
Good location with good access.
  Haneda Airport 22 minutes, Narita Airport 55 minutes,
  Oi Wharf 35 minutes, Yokohama Daikoku Wharf 45 minutes

• Even if the warehouse area exceeds 400 tsubo and the quantity of goods suddenly increases,
you can feel free to order.

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